Different University Radio Stations around the World

University Radio Station

Today’s world is mainly driven by Spotify and iTunes, as far as music needs of people are concerned. It’s hard to imagine something like radio stations still prevailing in music landscape. In such a scenario, university radio stations come to the rescue of this old form of music entertainment.

A lot of university campuses operate independent radio stations through either online platforms or the more conventional AM or FM platforms. There are more than 44,000 radio stations all over the world. Out of the entire time people aged 25 to 54 spend on listening to audio, around 86% of it is listening to AM or FM radio.

University Radio Station

Why do students listen to college radio stations?

Music might not only be the only reason that draws students to the college radio stations. Actually, a major reason is that these stations usually provide regular updates on local happenings around the college campus. This obviously plays a big role in attracting a lot of student.

Some of the best college radio stations

Here are some of the best university radio stations across the world:

  • Adelphi University: The official radio station of this university is Paws Web Radio and it is run by students. Along with radio hits, the station also broadcasts music and programs produced by students. It is only available online but Paws has a full programming schedule.

  • Athens State University: KAS radio station broadcasts throughout the day to the students of this university. They broadcast through an online platform and also through 87.7 FM. However, a listener has to become a VIP member to listen without any commercials.

athens state University

  • California Polytechnic: KCPR, the radio station of this university started as a student project in 1968. It has been around ever since. Over 20,000 students listen to the programs of this station nowadays.

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