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Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.


About BuloFM

Initially started with the motive to provide entertainment to the locals we have moved ahead to online radio and e-magazine. Along with our regular radio shows we now provide podcasts from various affluent personalities, scholars, etc and share our opinion on a host of topics.

We still aim to provide you with a great entertainment source while also making you more knowledgeable and expanding your horizons.

You will be able to enjoy our usual radio shows over BuloFM radio while the podcasts are aired through our online radio. Our views and thoughts and various topics can be found on the website.

We are looking for people to help us generate more content for our podcasts and blogs on our site. If you wish to contribute or suggest a topic to be covered we would request you to please use the contact us page to get in touch with us.

Our Services

BuloFM 101.2

Great songs along with a host of other radio shows to keep you entertained through out the day. We have dedicated team who regularly find out great info on various movies, albums and plays to share with you.

Online Radio

Here you will have access to all our radio programs along with various podcasts from many great sources. The great thing about the e-radio is all the content stays in our cloud storage. You can access all our content anytime and from anywhere you want.

BuloFM Blog

Our latest addition to our services is our blog. We weren’t able to cover everything we would have like to talked about on our shows. As it was a FM radio not all topic will be suitable to be broadcasted. So, we decided to start a blog where all our staff can contribute on various topics.

Our Team Leaders

Holly is our editor in chief of the radio shows. She curates the content and finalizes the information to be shared through the programs.

She is a proud mother of a baby boy Adam(4). She has been working with us from the start to help.

CTO of BuloFM. Vincent has been extraordinary in handling everything related to our online radio. He helped setup everything and has been keeping a close eye on the progress.

He has been instrumental in maintaining the equipment and accessories used in our programs.

Ami is the editor in chief of our online blog. She curates and edits all the posts that goes up on our site. She was the major influence in setting up the blog section.

She hand picked every blogger we have appointed to keep the blog running.

Our Views

Has Online Radio Caused a Downfall of Traditional Radio Stations?

September 12th, 2017

The listenership of traditional radio stations, or terrestrial radio, still continues to remain strong. However, the radio industry is changing, there is no denying that. Not to mention, the requirement of young audience is responsible this change. The youth today utilize technology for everything, including entertainment and communication.

With such ever changing demands and requirements, the nature of radio is definitely changing. The advent of things like online radio, podcasting, streaming services, etc. is a prove of this change. Now, the question remains: Will online radio cause a downfall of terrestrial radio?

Radio industry is a big industry with a huge revenue and traditional radio still being a source of that revenue. Internet and satellite radio are a part of that revenue as well.

Advantage of online radio over

Contradictory to traditional radio, paid subscriptions are used by satellite radio. The user gets more freedom over content and a wider listening range in return of this subscription fee. Terrestrial radio, on the other hand, covers only a limited area. This gives online radio an advantage over traditional radio stations, as they can listen anytime and anywhere they want.

Internet has definitely changed the way listeners access audio. Now, with the help of a tablet, a mobile device or a laptop, streaming live broadcasts is possible. Accessing online radio means you have access to a library of music that is seemingly limitless. Users can even listen to programs and songs in any order they wish to.

Does traditional radio still hold strong?

The revolution that online radio brings doesn’t necessarily mean downfall of traditional radio stations.

  • There is also an evolvement with traditional radio and it supports new technology
  • Traditional radio can serve as an influential tool for online radio
  • Both forms can be present coincidentally


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What Purpose does FM Radio Channels Serve?

September 12th, 2017

FM radio channels forms a part of traditional radio that have been around for a long time. They continue to exist even today, in an internet-driven world. Once, it used to be the only form of entertainment through audio. Even though online radio and music streaming is prevailing more nowadays, FM radio channels still holds its place. These channels still fulfill a certain purpose.

Different types of shows broadcasted by FM channels

Since FM radio channels constitute the more conventional form of radio, they have a similar structure to TV channels. You would generally classify the programs under music and spoken word, depending on the type of content being broadcast. However, the content usually changes depending on the time of broadcasting.

A general pattern with these channels involves the talk and news shows in the morning. Early evening and daytime usually gets more musical content. Late at night, when few people are listening it is not uncommon for FM channels to broadcast off-beat shows.

What do FM channels provide through different types of shows?

You might primarily associate FM radio channels with music, but there is a lot more to it. FM channels do more than just serve as a good music source. They broadcast different shows with different content to thoroughly engage their listeners. To know more about different FM channels and their shows, visit bulofm.com some of these contents include:

  • News and Weather: FM radio channels hold specific shows for providing information about current events. Weather forecasting is also done in these shows.
  • Sportscast: Sports is a favorite topic of many. Shows providing information on latest happenings in the field of sports is very common.
  • Talk show: Radio broadcasting is simply incomplete without talk shows. These shows can involve discussions among many hosts on a certain subject or even an hour long interview.

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How Does a Radio Station Function?

September 12th, 2017

You may consider radio to be an outdated form of entertainment, but it was certainly the best once. This was obviously before the Internet came along. Initially developed in the late 19th century, radio was at the peak of its popularity many decades later.

Broadcasting from radio station might not be as popular as it was before. However, understanding how all of it works still forms the main idea of wireless communication.


Radio Broadcasting - radar dish

Radio towers are critical for radio station broadcasting. These towers send signals within a certain reach. Each of these signals has a specific frequency. In many cases, the signal transmissions take place over several miles.

Another receiver or a stereo receives the frequency and then converts the signal into sound. On the dial, there is a set frequency for each station. This frequency indicates the frequency of signal the station transmits at. If you tune into a radio station with 97.9 frequencies, your radio receiver interprets the signal at that specific frequency.

Advertising and radio stations

Nowadays, most of the radio stations work within a corporate structure. Big companies own many of these stations. The companies not only oversee the programming but also control the advertising accounts. A company might wish to have their advertisement run on a specific radio station. For that, they need to get in touch with the company that owns the radio station.

Some companies own multiple radio stations in the major markets. So, if one such company decides to advertise over the stations they own, the particular advertisement would reach a wide variety of audience

Syndicated shows

Radio station shows

Syndication is another aspect of radio station broadcasting. The typical RJs do not manage the some of these stations, not all the time anyway. A lot of the stations run syndicated radio shows recorded in a studio in some other place.

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Different University Radio Stations around the World

September 12th, 2017

Today’s world is mainly driven by Spotify and iTunes, as far as music needs of people are concerned. It’s hard to imagine something like radio stations still prevailing in music landscape. In such a scenario, university radio stations come to the rescue of this old form of music entertainment.

A lot of university campuses operate independent radio stations through either online platforms or the more conventional AM or FM platforms. There are more than 44,000 radio stations all over the world. Out of the entire time people aged 25 to 54 spend on listening to audio, around 86% of it is listening to AM or FM radio.

University Radio Station

Why do students listen to college radio stations?

Music might not only be the only reason that draws students to the college radio stations. Actually, a major reason is that these stations usually provide regular updates on local happenings around the college campus. This obviously plays a big role in attracting a lot of student.

Some of the best college radio stations

Here are some of the best university radio stations across the world:

  • Adelphi University: The official radio station of this university is Paws Web Radio and it is run by students. Along with radio hits, the station also broadcasts music and programs produced by students. It is only available online but Paws has a full programming schedule.

  • Athens State University: KAS radio station broadcasts throughout the day to the students of this university. They broadcast through an online platform and also through 87.7 FM. However, a listener has to become a VIP member to listen without any commercials.

athens state University

  • California Polytechnic: KCPR, the radio station of this university started as a student project in 1968. It has been around ever since. Over 20,000 students listen to the programs of this station nowadays.

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